Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Art Lives!

Two very amused tourists stood in front of the building next door to mine. They were capitivated by the tiny figurines capering on the first floor windowsill.

"Do you think we can take a picture?" they asked in that indeterminate Northern European-ish accent that sounds like a femme version of the chef from the muppets.

"Yeah," I said, "sure. But this is sort of an installation, it changes every day. So you should come back tomorrow and take another picture." I myself had been seduced by the little plastic dancers who skipped between the rusted bars -- Smurfs, plastic horses, soldiers, my little ponies -- in an ever changing circle of life.

I went by yesterday, and they had been replaced by someone a bit more disarming. I am not sure what this particular incarnation means. But I remember watching this show, and that it taught me a damn good lesson. He is a bad guy. There is some electricity. What do you think?


Mendi O. said...

where are you, ms. soucouyant? i miss you.

K G D said...

Interestingly enough, its name is Mojo (but maybe that mojo ain't werkin' on you).

Zorashorse said...

You hate art? You hate art. You hate art!

A Lesbian's Life said...
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